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Advocacy Toolkit for AYSRHR

Population Foundation of India

A first step in our engagement with PFI on AYSRHR in Rajasthan, was an opinion analysis among elected representatives, government departments, media and civil society organisations. Basis the findings of the study we worked with the PFI team to develop an advocacy strategy and implementation plan for the state.

We are now in the process of developing factsheets and infographics that showcase the health status of adolescents in Rajasthan drawing on national and state data, helping build linkages between AYSRHR and nutrition, menstruation, education, WASH, and GBV, and providing specific call to action for different stakeholders. This toolkit will be used to reach out to range of stakeholders and advocate for adolescent health needs. Available in English and Hindi, this toolkit will also have a digital web-based interactive version which can be accessed through the PFI website.

To see full coverage on PFI in Rajasthan, please follow the link below:

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