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Kissa Kahani is Grand Prize Winner (Community Choice) at the Core77 Design Awards 2020

One of our earliest partnerships at StratComm Consulting was with the Ci3 at the University of Chicago on the Kissa Kahani project. We developed a comprehensive curriculum informed by intensive research to cover three priority themes listed by adolescents - Menstruation and menstrual hygiene practices; increasing public safety of girls; increasing knowledge about sexual and reproductive health. Through multiple levels of testing with young people and educators the transmedia experience and curriculum were revised, polished and tuned to provide a relatable, context-sensitive and engaging experience.

Through the last few years we have been working with a truly interdisciplinary team with a design thinking approach and involvement of adolescents, educators and NGOs. This collaboration has now reached a phase for scale-up and evaluation through a randomized control experiment.

Kissa Kahani got 2 awards at the Core77 Design Awards 2020: Grand Prize Winner (Community Choice) and Runner Up, Design Education Initiative (Jury Selection).

These couldn't have come at a better time. Here's more information on the award and the project:

Read about the Kissa Kahani project

Hear what the jury had to say about the Kissa Kahani project

Some insights about our formative assessment

An overview of our role in the Kissa Kahani project


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