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Toolkit for age inclusive disaster risk reduction


HelpAge International


Capacity building


Disaster Risk Reduction

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Engagement objective

The Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015–2030, acknowledges the capabilities and contribution of older persons. However, age inclusion is not yet a common practice or consideration for many DRR programmes.

HelpAge International has been promoting the rights of older people to lead dignified, healthy and secure lives. It has intensive experience in age-inclusive disaster risk reduction (AIDRR) and has AIDRR programmes in over 20 countries.

The key question facing them was, how can the experiences of HelpAge and other organisations working on AIDRR be synthesised to support age inclusion in DRR programming in other organisations?

This key question formed the starting point for our partnership in developing the AIDRR toolkit.

Our process

Through a series of consultations with stakeholders in the Asia Pacific Region, secondary review of guidelines and standards, we arrived at the key asks from a toolkit of this nature.

Key outcome

The final toolkit draws from experiences and resources developed by HelpAge International and other development agencies and provides a practical on-ground approach to promote age inclusion in disaster risk reduction.

The toolkit provides information, tools, formats and examples which help in making any DRR intervention inclusive. It includes ageing policies and frameworks, age-inclusion in risk assessment and mapping, age-inclusive planning and monitoring, and advocacy on age-inclusion.

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