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Strategic pathway to enhance adolescent reproductive health services in Rajasthan


Population Foundation of India


Strategy, Storytelling


Advocacy, Adolescents, Health, Youth, Sexual and Reproductive Health

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Engagement objective

StratComm Consulting has been working with the Population Foundation of India Rajasthan office since 2018. In the initial period, we conducted an opinion analysis study among key policy influencers, developed a strategic engagement framework and a tailored advocacy toolkit for a range of stakeholders. This supported the Foundation’s Rajasthan office in implementing a programme that focused on bringing issues of adolescent reproductive health to the center stage and creating an urgency for action in Rajasthan.

Three years later, StratComm was engaged once more to look at the learning of the past 3 years and provide guidance for the next phase of the project.

Our process and key outcome

We focused on two things, the first of which was capturing the process, successes, and key factors of the past 3 years. We based the process document on the programme’s theory of change and the linked outcomes. The document captures changes in social, political and economic landscape with reference to adolescent health. It also notes the factors that affected the change process. To develop the Strategic Pathway 2022 we used this process document and discussions with key stakeholders to build on the experience of the first phase. We use the Socio-Ecological Model as a base for this pathway that aims to have relevance across stakeholder at different levels – individuals, families, communities, systems/institutions, and enabling environment.

Key outcome

The strategic pathway draws on the learnings of the programme thus far and the recommendations of stakeholders to arrive at the next steps for advancing the adolescent health agenda in the state.

The strategic approach and pathway recognizes the dynamics between the individual and various systems and recommends immediate actionable recommendations. The pathway is spelt out in detail through engagement matrixes for each stakeholder category.

It is currently being used by the Rajasthan team to work with stakeholders across different levels.

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