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Strategic engagement handbook for family planning


Population Foundation of India


Capacity building, Strategy


Family Planning, Advocacy, Public Health, Policy, Sexual and Reproductive Health

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Engagement objective

Prioritisation of family planning through concerted engagement with thought leaders at the national level is vital for increasing the importance of family planning in the policy discourse. The Population Foundation of India has been building a sustained strategic engagement for ensuring universal access to quality family planning and increased resource allocation.

StratComm partnered with the Foundation to develop a Strategic Engagement Handbook that can be used by individuals or organisations working on family planning or other issues that require strategic engagement.

Our process

Based on the experiences of the Foundation and its work on strategic engagement, the handbook needed to bring together best practices, case studies, simple tools and resources that can be used at scale.

We worked closely with the programme team to understand the experience of the Foundation, and gather best practices and case studies. The StratComm team’s own experience in working on strategic engagement over the years helped sharpen the focus of the handbook.

The handbook was also pre-tested with a select set of organisations to gather insights on its usability. This helped ensure the handbook was simple, focused, and easy to use.

Key outcome

The handbook continues to serve as a step by step guide for supporting individuals and organisations in the family planning landscape to initiate conversations with stakeholders and build their interests in family planning. It offers practical guidance, signposts, and lessons for generating policy and social commitment for family planning.

English handbook:

Hindi handbook:

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