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Sexual and reproductive health and rights curriculum for adolescent girls




Capacity building


Gender, Health, Adolescents

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Engagement objective

CREA, a feminist human rights organisation, has been implementing the 'It's My Body: Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) of adolescent girls' programme using sports as a medium. Over the course of its implementation the curriculum underwent changes to improve its efficacy. An expert group constituted by CREA had given its recommendations on the curriculum.

StratComm was engaged to:

  1. Review the recommendations of the expert group on the curriculum.

  2. Enhance the interactivity levels of the curriculum by incorporating audio-visual resources.

  3. Improve the user friendliness and transactability of the curriculum.

Our process

A critical evaluation was conducted of the current curriculum. The evaluation was based on content coverage, level of engagement, learning methodology, learner and facilitator friendliness and interactivity. The evaluation formed the basis of what needed to be retained and what needed to be improved. To gain more insights on the challenges faced during facilitation interactions with the programme team were undertaken.

Key outcomes

Integrating sports and SRH, we developed a three-phase training curriculum in Hindi with a corresponding journal for young girls. Interactivity level of the curriculum was enhanced by incorporating different kinds of media, exposure visits, exercises and games. The interactive elements were designed to encourage girls to talk about the challenges that they faced. Progressive learning was incentivized and girls who completed all three phases of the curriculum were invited to an intensive leadership workshop.

The engagement not only made the curriculum more interactive and engaging for the learners i.e. young girls, but also made it easier for the facilitator to conduct.

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