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SBCC Strategy for Non-Communicable Diseases




SBCC, Strategy


Public Health, Community Engagement, Health, Behaviour Change Communication

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Engagement Objectives


Mizoram Health System Strengthening Project (MHSSP) is implemented by Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Mizoram with technical and financial support from the World Bank (WB).  One of its pivotal components is community engagement on non-communicable diseases in three vital districts of Mizoram.  


StratComm’s senior team is engaged is supporting MHSSP in revamping its SBCC strategy through meticulous reviews, consultations, and immersive field visits. Through this process we hope to uncover and surmount community-specific barriers, encouraging targeted health-seeking behaviors. The revamped strategy will prioritize cultural sensitivity and active community involvement, aiming to foster sustained behavioural change and elevate the utilization of available health insurance services.



Our methodology involves a systematic approach comprising multifaceted processes. Initiated with a thorough review of existing strategies and project documentation, the project conducts consultations with a wide variety of stakeholders including the World Bank, IQVIA and the PMU.  


Immersive field visits across the three focus districts will enable a deep understanding of community structures, communication channels, and stakeholder insights. Subsequently, a succinct yet comprehensive revamped strategy document will be developed, encompassing background insights, SBCC framework, strategic positioning, and phased plans for product development and community engagement. Complementing this, a supplementary communication package will be created to support and augment the existing materials in alignment with the revised strategy.


Through these processes, we aim to instigate impactful, community-centered health behaviour changes, laying the foundation for a healthier Mizoram.

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