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Narratives from a fellowship programme


American India Foundation


Storytelling, Design


Health, Education, Livelihoods, Youth

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Engagement objective

What are the common narratives emerging from a cohort of 30 Indian and American fellows working around the country? What kind of impact does the fellowship have on the host organisation, the fellow and the development sector? StratComm was engaged by The William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service, American India Foundation for 3 years (2018-2021) to answer some of these questions.

Our process and outcomes

In 2018 we started the engagement with an immersive process of reviewing the work of 27 AIF Clinton fellows placed across 15 states in 26 organisations.

This led to co-creation of a common story, branding, and design family for the dissemination of their work and paved the way for the conceptualisation, design and development of publications, posters, display materials and event collaterals.

In 2019, we worked with a new cohort of 20 fellows to give shape to their stories and narratives.

The 2021 cohort marked the 20th year of the fellowship’s presence in India. This was also a landmark year as the AIF Clinton Fellowship transitioned into its new avatar as the ‘Banyan Impact Fellowship’.

Hence in 2021, StratComm not only developed the stories and communication for the fellows but also documented and narrated the 20-year journey of the Foundation in India.

All publications from the fellowship can be found here Publications - AIF

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