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Multi-stakeholder strategy for universalization of education up to 18 years


Child Rights and You (CRY)




Child Rights, Education, Policy, Advocacy, Adolescents

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Engagement objectives

Child Rights and You (CRY) works towards securing and protecting the rights of children. As part of its commitment to education, CRY sought to make a social and economic case for the strengthening the National Education Policy and realizing universalization of education up to 18 years.

To achieve this CRY partnered with StratComm to develop a multi-stakeholder engagement strategy to make a social and economic case for universalization of secondary education. The focus was the national level and the 4 states of Punjab, Rajasthan, Karnataka, and Telangana.

Our process

As a formative step to the policy communication strategy, StratComm conducted a stakeholder mapping and landscaping exercise for the national level and across 4 states to map expertise and influence and explore opportunities for alignment and synergy. Over 300 organizations were mapped during this effort.

In parallel, policy analysis was done for the 4 focus states and the national level through secondary and primary research. Insights were drawn from policy makers, CSOs, alliances, media, and academicians. These were analysed in conjunction with the other evidence generated by CRY and its partners on the need for extension of RtE to secondary levels.

This led to the development of a policy communication strategy for the national level.

Key outcomes

StratComm then created a comprehensive multi-stakeholder strategy, using the socio-ecological model to encompasses strategies for behaviour change, social mobilization and policy communication. The strategy provides a blueprint for a 3-5-year period to recommend a pathway for realizing universalization of education up to 18 years.

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