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Kissa Kahani- curriculum for a trans-media initiative in schools


University of Chicago


Capacity building


Gender, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Adolescents, Gender Based Violence

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Engagement objective

Kissa Kahani is a University of Chicago’s research-based project on sexual and reproductive health of young people. It aimed to work with schools to promote menstrual health and hygiene management, sexual and reproductive health as well as the mobility of young girls, which will in turn, help girls to continue staying in school.

StratComm partnered with University of Chicago to develop a curriculum and facilitator’s guide focusing on gender and sexual and reproductive health among young people.

Our process

The curriculum was developed based on inputs from the Game Changer Chicago Design Lab, the Transmedia Story Lab, and the Design Thinking Lab at the university.

Combining insights from the formative research with behavior change theories including the Information, Motivation, and Behavioral Skills (IMB) model; the Socio-Ecological framework; and the Positive Youth Development framework, the curriculum was designed to reflect everyday challenges of young people linked to gender and sexual and reproductive health, as well as mobility. It was developed to support youth-focused and youth-developed solutions. It wove together a range of materials like graphic novels, animation stories and analog games to build a transmedia experience.

The curriculum was tested with adolescents and facilitators who worked with adolescents, to garner insights on its ease of use, relevance, relatability and comprehensiveness.

A facilitator’s guide was also developed not only on using the curriculum but also on the issues covered in the curriculum as well as on facilitation skills required to roll-out the curriculum. After finalisation of the curriculum we trained facilitators who will be implementing the package at the school level.

Key outcomes

The Kissa Kahani curriculum knits together 37 hours of facilitated discussions, activities and exercises with young people in schools to address few of the most pressing challenges faced by them. It holds within it a multi-media package and curriculum lesson plans and a facilitators guide.

At Core77 Design Awards 2020 Kissa Kahani Won

  1. Grand Prize Winner, Community Choice Awards

  2. Runner up, Design Education Initiative (Jury Selection)

Kissa Kahani:

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