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Gamification for healthy behaviour


OneKeyCare Ventures




Health, Youth, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Risk Communication, HIV, Research, Gamification

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Engagement objective

OneKeyCare Ventures was developing microgames that could be used on dating sites to create awareness on HIV prevention and promote other healthy behaviours. 

OneKeyCare approached StratComm to understand the users’ perspective, what would interest them, how open will they be to receiving such messages?

To answer all these questions, StratComm conducted a qualitative primary user research.

Our process

Qualitative research methodology was selected, as it could throw more light on user behaviours and also reveal the hidden motivators and barriers to such behaviour. Group discussions were conducted with multiple groups of targeted users. These group discussions were moderated using a free-flowing discussion guide. Through these discussions we explored their experiences with gaming, use of dating apps, concerns while using dating apps and relationships, risk perception related to HIV as well as incentives and preferences linked to games. A detailed secondary research and analysis was also conducted to learn from other studies and research on the usage of gamification in communication.

Key outcome

We developed a detailed communication strategy for the microgames to be embedded in dating apps to influence behaviour change linked to safe sex.

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