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Empowering Young Girls: A Comprehensive Curriculum for Change


Milaan Foundation


Capacity building


Gender, Behaviour Change Communication, Adolescents, Rights, Sexual and Reproductive Health

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Engagement Objective

StratComm and Milaan Foundation have joined forces to revamp the curriculum for empowering young girls. Milaan Foundation's grassroots program focuses on empowering girls between the ages of 12 and 18, nurturing their leadership skills, and challenging regressive social norms related to gender. The primary objective of the program is to inspire and support girls in their educational pursuits. Over the past six years, the program has collaborated with over 600 girl icons and positively impacted the lives of 10,000 adolescent girls across three states.

This collaboration aims to challenge regressive gender norms and equip girls with essential 21st century skills for success. StratComm will undertake a comprehensive review and update of the existing curriculum for working with young girls, provide recommendations for necessary changes, and revamp the curriculum to ensure it aligns with the evolving demands of the post-Covid era.

Our Process

Through a two-phase process, the curriculum will be thoroughly evaluated, updated, and aligned with the demands of the post-Covid era. Phase 1 involves a comprehensive evaluation, including reviewing existing components, engaging in focused discussions, and gathering insights from the field. Phase 2 focuses on curriculum revision, incorporating themes of gender justice and 21st-century skills to sharpen its impact on young women's lives.

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