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Ek Kadam Aur: Nudging COVID-19 vaccination among PLHIV and key populations






HIV, COVID-19, Risk Communication, Community Engagement, Public Health

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Engagement objective

FHI 360 in India has a longstanding experience of working with People Living with HIV (PLHIV) and communities at risk of HIV on a range of health concerns as well as stigma and discrimination. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they faced a new challenge, the resistance among PLHIVs and key populations (KPs) towards getting vaccinated.

StratComm was tasked with developing a Behaviour Change Communication package to address this resistance towards the COVID-19 vaccine.

Our process

The pandemic and consequent loss of livelihood has been especially challenging for PLHIV and key population groups globally. The groups had many concerns regarding vaccination ranging from fear of identity disclosures, interaction of vaccines with their ongoing treatments and health concerns as well as other myths and misconceptions.

StratComm facilitated sessions with FHI partners working with vulnerable communities and vulnerable community members themselves to understand the prevalent fears and barriers and points of contact and outreach. Based on the findings from these interaction StratComm put together a creative positioning for the package resulting in the tagline - Ek Kadam Aur

The Ek Kadam Aur package addresses the fears and apprehensions of the communities and provides real life examples and testimonials from people from their own communities who have overcome fear, accessed accurate information and completed vaccination.

Key outcome

The Ek Kadam aur package includes a variety of communication material including Whatsapp messages, GIFs, Posters, Picture cards as well as FAQ booklet for outreach teams and flipbooks for in clinic interactions.

The package was developed in 4 languages – English, Hindi, Marathi and Telugu and has been rolled out in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

Watch one of the videos here:

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