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E-Learning modules on Manuscript Writing and Research Protocol Writing


World Health Organisation


Capacity building



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Engagement Objective

Limited training and research opportunities impact the number of manuscripts being published from lower-income countries. In 2022, only 14% of science and engineering publications came from low-income economies. The South-East Asia Region is underrepresented in the number of scientific studies per population size, constituting only 13.6% of all publications in 2014-2018. Health researchers from the global south may also be at a disadvantage in authorship when collaborating with institutions in the north, similar to researchers in natural science.

To facilitate learning opportunities for researchers, StratComm is working with WHO SEARO to develop a comprehensive hybrid learning package for two courses: Manuscript Writing and Research Protocol Writing. These courses will serve both workshop and online learning purposes.

Our Process

StratComm's team of experienced experts in public health research, curriculum writing, video content development, and design collaborate closely to ensure the successful development of these courses. Our focus is on ensuring that learners can access information, practice skills, and take away resources that will support their learning journey. The courses will be integrated into WHO’s platforms for online learning to ensure easy access.

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