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Combatting child marriage - working with SHGs


Project Concern International


Capacity building


Health, Gender, Adolescents

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Engagement objective

Project Concern International through its UMANG project empowers members of self-help groups (SHGs) to enable them to support the aspirations of their adolescent daughters while simultaneously addressing concerns of child marriage.

StratComm was mandated to develop an interactive SBCC curriculum and training package to be used with SHGs, Village Organizations, and Cluster Level Federations.

Our process

For the package design and development, the Socio-Ecological Model (SEM) of SBCC was chosen after conducting a multivariate analysis of determining factors. SEM recognizes the relationship between people and their environment to identify “tipping points” to change individual behaviours and social norms.

The package for the SHG members reflected on mother-daughter relationships, the supportive role mothers can play for the aspirations of their daughters, negotiating and advocating for daughters’ education. It also looked at opportunities to practice communication and negotiation skills with actions at home.

The package for Village Organizations focused on creating an enabling environment, facilitating community buy-in, organising events and promoting education, liaising with other stakeholders like frontline workers in the village. It looked at laddered learning as SHG members who were exposed to the earlier package were part of the Village Organization.

Taking this laddered approach further, the package for Cluster Level Federations focused on monitoring and leveraging district level support.

Key outcome

The multi-package supported Active Women leaders to facilitate interactions with SHG members in the community, functionaries of village level organizations and cluster level stakeholders.

The SBCC package was successfully rolled out by PCI’s project UMANG in Jharkhand in partnership with the Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society.

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