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Capturing the 4 year journey of a family planning project


Population Foundation of India




Health, Public Health, Family Planning

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Engagement objective

Population Foundation of India’s Realising Commitments to Family Planning (RCFP) project aimed to improve the knowledge of key influencers and decision makers on family planning in India. It aimed to highlight the urgency of increasing the availability of quality family planning services with an expanded basket of contraceptive choices in the country.

StratComm was engaged to develop a detailed report capturing the advocacy strategies, processes and wins from 2014-2019 and provide some recommendations for the next phase of the project.

Our process

The documentation was based on intensive secondary review of the work done under the RCFP project and discussions with the project team. Processes and outcomes were aligned with the 3 main long-term advocacy goals identified by the Foundation as per its 2016-2020 Strategic Plan.

Key outcomes

The report captures the RCFP project work at the national, state and district level. It includes evidence-building efforts, the success in working with convergence models, project specific engagement with different stakeholders, and efforts in using BCC to support advocacy. It ends with a set of recommendations that the RCFP team used to develop the next phase of work.

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