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Advocacy toolbox for SEAR countries - Infection prevention control and WASH in healthcare facilities


World Health Organization


Capacity building


Advocacy, Health, WASH, Public Health

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Engagement objective

The World Health Organization (WHO) sought to develop a toolkit for the South East Asia Region to support individuals and organisations from national to field level in advocating for Infection Prevention Control (IPC) and WASH for healthcare workers and patients visiting healthcare facilities.

StratComm was engaged to develop the advocacy toolkit for IPC and WASH in healthcare facilities. It also supported the development of an online training module that is used to orient government officials and other stakeholders on how to use the toolkit.

Our process

The toolkits and online module were developed through a process of desk review of WASH and IPC data and data on the status of implementation of guidelines in South East Asia Region countries. Detailed consultations with key stakeholders were also held to enrich the understanding of the issues.

The evidence generation in the first phase led us to develop a toolbox with 3 distinct toolkits with content tailored to support advocacy targeting three target audiences: national and local government, healthcare workers, and communities.

Key outcomes

The final advocacy toolbox is a comprehensive reference guide for advocates working on IPC and WASH for healthcare facilities. The 3 inter-connected but distinct toolkits:

  1. Provide key questions for reflection and discussion

  2. Act as a ready reference for developing an advocacy plan

  3. Provide tools to support users in their work through the different stages of an advocacy planning cycle.

StratComm also developed an online training module aimed to orient government officials and other stakeholders on how to use the toolkit.

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