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Abortion, Gender and Rights Toolkit




Capacity building


Gender, Health, Women’s Rights, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Family Planning, Rights, Advocacy

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Engagement objective

CREA, a feminist human rights organisation, works to advance the rights of women and girls, and sexual and reproductive freedom of all people. It has been a consistent advocate for safe abortion and has led digital campaigns as well as conducted intensive courses on the issue through its Institute.

StratComm was engaged to transform Institute and campaign materials into a visually appealing and simple ready-to-use toolkit for those who are interested in working on initiating conversations and interventions on abortion in their communities.

Our process

Through review of existing materials and in-depth discussions with Institute Alumni and CREA staff, StratComm identified the key themes that would be covered under the toolkit. User recommendations were sought on the nature of resources required, situations under which they find need leave behinds or easy reference materials etc. The outline of the structure and sample section of the toolkit was also tested with an ongoing batch of training participants for feedback.

Key outcomes

The toolkit, ‘Creating champions to address sex selection and improve access to safe abortion’ breaks down the concerns around safe abortion into short thematic ready reckoners. Broadly these were divided into 3 categories - those that help build perspective, those that enhance knowledge, and those that provide simple ‘how to’ information. The toolkit covered the following themes:

  • Provides information on safe abortion

  • Builds perspective

  • Is a ready reference on laws impacting safe abortion

  • Clarifies myths and misconception

  • Is a resource for communication and advocacy around safe abortion

  • is a guide on using social media as a tool for awareness and advocacy

Developed in English and Hindi, the toolkit is widely available for use for trainers, activists, teachers, and civil society organizations.

English toolkit:

Hindi toolkit:

Note: StratComm only developed the content of this publication not the design; The images are used only to showcase content developed.

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