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Toolkit for Safe Abortion


CREA is a feminist human rights organisation that works to advance the rights of women and girls, and the sexual and reproductive freedoms of all people. It has been a consistent advocate for safe abortion and has led digital campaigns as well as conducted training institutes (short-term courses) on the issue. CREA’s intensive courses brings together participants from organisations engaging with sexual and reproductive health and builds in them a nuanced understanding of the intersections between different legal tools, evidence, perspectives and positions around abortion. We collaborated with CREA to develop a toolkit, which the participants of the training institutes could take back with them and use in their own work on abortion.

The toolkit - ‘Creating Champions to Address Sex selection and Improve Access to Safe Abortion’ - serves as a ready reference on information, perspective and guide to action on domains such as the laws impacting safe abortion, myths and misconception, resources for communication and advocacy around safe abortion, using social media as tool for awareness etc. The toolkit was developed in English and Hindi and pre-tested with training participants prior to finalisation.

The English and Hindi toolkits can be accessed here:

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