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Talking to boys about gender and gender based violence

World Vision

World Vision is implementing an anti-child sex trafficking programme in West Bengal. As part of its preventive efforts World Vision works with women's groups, children's groups, adolescent girl’s groups as well as men's groups. StratComm is in the process of developing a package to support a perspective building and learning process for boys, to enable them to see sex trafficking as a continuum of larger Gender Based Violence (GBV).

StratComm’s approach centres on its belief that engaging boys in the discourse and action on gender related discrimination and violence is essential for prevention programming and it must start by building an understanding of gender norms and its impact, not just on girls and women but also men and boys. The package, under development, takes into account the impact of patriarchal values on boys and men and from this space examines the role they can play in preventing violence and discriminations around them. The process hinges on intensive consultations with World Vision’s field teams as well as young boys and girls in their areas of operation.

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