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Strategic pathways for AYSRHR in Rajasthan

Population Foundation of India

Since 2018, Population Foundation of India is implementing a programme focused on bringing issues of adolescent reproductive health centre stage and creating an urgency for action in Rajasthan. StratComm has supported the project from its inception stages with an opinion analysis study among key policy influencers, followed by the development of a strategic engagement framework and the development of a tailored advocacy toolkit for a range of stakeholders.

StratComm now is in the process of developing a process document based on the programme’s theory of change and the linked outcomes of changes in social, political and economic landscape vis-à-vis Adolescent Health/Teenage Pregnancy since 2018 and capture the factors that affected the change process. Additionally, StratComm will also support the development of a strategic pathway to further advance the adolescent health agenda in Rajasthan.

To read more about our engagement with PFI in Rajasthan please follow this link

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