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Stakeholder Analysis and Policy Communication Strategy


Child Rights and You (CRY) works towards securing and protecting the rights of children. As part of its commitment to education, CRY seeks to create a robust strategy to make a social and economic case for the extension of RTE Act to secondary school.

StratComm is collaborating with CRY to develop a policy communication strategy. As a formative step to the policy communication strategy, StratComm will conduct an in-depth stakeholder analysis to map expertise and influence and explore opportunities for alignment and synergy. This mapping process will draw insights from policy makers, CSOs, alliances, media, and academicians. The evidences from the stakeholder analysis will be viewed in conjunction with other evidences generated by CRY and partners on the need and cost for extension of RtE to secondary levels and consultations across states. The final policy communication strategy developed will include an overarching positioning customisable for different audience segments. A policy communication framework will be developed that will delineate for each audience the key asks, the platforms/channels to be used, the activities, and the messages. The final strategy and implementation plan will provide a blueprint for a 3-5-year period to recommend a pathway for the extension of the RtE Act in the policy space.

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