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Situation Analysis and Strategic Review

Malala Fund

Malala Fund has supported national, state and district level NGO partners in India to improve opportunities for girls to complete a full course of free, safe and quality education. In 2020, Malala Fund adopted a five-year global strategic plan focused on improving financing for education, education quality and social norms favourable to girls' education. The strategic plan commits Malala Fund to deepening and expanding its work in India and involves expansion of programmes and advocacy offerings in-country.

StratComm is working with Malala Fund to undertake a situational analysis and strategic review to support an evidence-based country strategic plan. The analysis and review include Geographical/Population Groups considerations parameters, Gender analysis, analysis of the political economy of girls’ education nationally and in focal states etc. The Strategic review will also point to risks, opportunities, partnerships and the need for evidence building.

The process envisaged brings together the fund’s global and in country team along with experts in education, youth development, gender as well as rights.

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