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Preparing for scale: nurturing care pilot

Aga Khan Foundation


AKF implemented the pilot on responsive caregiving and early learning (0-6 years) in Bahraich (60 villages), Uttar Pradesh from April 2019 to December 2021. StratComm has been collaborating with AKF from the inception of the project in developing a deeper understanding of caregiving practices for children of 0-6 years, within low income and marginalized communities in rural India, and based on this understanding, designing a contextually appropriate SBCC package to improve such practices.

Currently StratComm is working with AKF to distill learnings from the experience to prepare the package for scale while communicating its win for the wider dissemination. This phase includes identifying elements for scale, tailoring the package for low resource settings, documenting the journey through project briefs and reports as well as developing curtain raiser films and videos for CSOs, government stakeholders and donors.

To read more about the human centred design process that informed this pilot please click here

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