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Opinion Analysis: What are our leaders saying about SRH?

Population Foundation of India

We partnered with PFI for an intervention on Sexual and Reproductive Health of adolescents in Rajasthan. Given the discomfort for government-led SRH programming for unmarried adolescents and the recent progressive move in the form of Rashtriya Kishore Swasthya Karyakram, we set out to understand the perceptions of major stakeholders on SRH programming in Rajasthan.

Through intensive desk-based research and in-depth in-person interactions with elected representatives, the media, government officials and NGOs we arrived at critical insights for PFI on positioning its work on adolescent health, identifying priorities for advocacy, and mechanisms for collaboration to promote adolescent health and development in the state. The opinion analysis then guided us in developing a strategic framework for advocacy.

To see full coverage on PFI in Rajasthan, please follow the link below:

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