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Kissa Kahani- Curriculum for a Trans-media Initiative in Schools

University of Chicago

Kissa Kahani is a University of Chicago research-based project on sexual and reproductive health of young people. Using a mix-media intervention, it utilises storytelling and narrative based approach, to empower youth. We partnered with University of Chicago to develop a curriculum focusing on gender and sexual and reproductive health among young people. This intervention is part of Phase two of the Kissa Kahani project and builds on the inputs from the Game Changer Chicago Design Lab, the Transmedia Story Lab, and the Design Thinking Lab at the university.

The curriculum weaves together a transmedia experience using graphic novels, animation stories, and analog games and facilitates discussions around gender and sexual and reproductive health, as well as mobility and supports youth-focused and youth-developed solutions to address them. We also developed a guide to train the facilitators of the curriculum by incorporating knowledge and skill building sessions.

To read more on this engagement, please follow this link:

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