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Inclusive WASH in Health Care Facilities : GEDSI Toolkit

World Health Organisation

WASH in Healthcare Facilities is one of WHO’s flagship priorities in the area of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. Clean drinking water, safe sanitation facilities, and hand hygiene are closely linked with health. In particular, without improved WASH in Health Care Facilities, diseases such as COVID-19 can quickly overwhelm facilities, spreading through contact and across surfaces. While no guidelines exist on how to integrate GEDSI considerations into efforts to strengthen health care facilities, country-level programmes have begun to address this priority.

StratComm is in the process of developing a GEDSI Toolkit for WASH in health care facilities. This toolkit will support the SEAR countries to integrate GEDSI considerations while planning and implementing WASH at the facility level. The toolkit will pull together persuasive evidence and need for the investment and using the WHO Eight Practical Steps as base provide measures to integrate GEDSI.

To read more about our previous engagement with WHO please follow this link

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