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Decadal study capturing FAT's journey

Feminist Approach to Technology (FAT)

FAT is a not‐for‐profit organization that believes in empowering women by enabling them to access, use and create technology through a feminist rights‐based framework. FAT was established in 2008 and works across India in different locations. Since 2010, FAT works primarily with disadvantaged adolescent girls and young women to build their leadership through technology and STEM education.

StratComm is working with FAT to develop a decadal report capturing FAT’s journey. The decadal report will provide insights into the journey of FAT including but not limited to the inception, milestones, learnings, organizational development, achievements, stories of change etc. Intensive consultations with FAT’s founders and team members as well as girls who have been trained by FAT is essential to the methodology. This will be complemented by secondary review and analysis of data.

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