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COVID-19 Communication with indigenous communities

Keystone Foundation

For over two decades, Keystone has been actively working towards the holistic wellbeing of indigenous communities, promoting ecologically balanced development. Despite rising income, indigenous communities have not seen a corresponding increase in both qualitative wellbeing and quantitative health outcomes. Seeing this discrepancy inspired Keystone to stage various interventions to realize a healthier, more wholesome future for indigenous communities.

COVID-19 has posed unique challenges for communities that Keystone works with. The latest among these has been vaccination linked anxieties and misconceptions as a result of hasty vaccination drives. StratComm is collaborating with Keystone to conduct a situation assessment followed by designing accurate, relatable communication material specifically keeping in mind the communities in the Nilgiris biosphere reserve. The communication kit will include, digital and analog elements and provide guidance to community animators to undertake on-site interactions.

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