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Building the cascade

University of Chicago

Kissa Kahani (KK) is a multi-year project that addresses issues related to gender and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) of young people aged 13-24 in India. StratComm partnered with the University of Chicago to develop a curriculum for KK on the three thematic areas of improving menstrual health and hygiene management, improving reproductive health and uptake of family planning, and increasing girls’ mobility. Recently Kissa Kahani won the Grand Prize Community Choice, Core77 Design Awards 2020.

Training of facilitators is an important component of KK. StratComm has developed a detailed package to train the facilitators transacting KK with adolescents. The package was tested and StratComm trained the first batch of facilitators prior to the pandemic.

Like many programmes, KK too had to undergo alterations to adapt to the changes brought about by COVID 19. In keeping with these changes StratComm has now revamped the training methodology for training of facilitators to suit virtual sessions. The package includes methodologies and processes more suited to online interactions. Spread over the course of a month the revamped training package allows for facilitators to come together for a few hours each week and participate in sessions and then to dwell on the insights in the interim. This process allows for greater introspection and reflection and prolonged support to facilitators in understanding the curriculum, building skills and reflecting on their own biases, limitations and strengths.

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